C-Side Alley performs at Roaring 20’s Party, 2011

C-Side Alley was founded in 2002 by three of our current members. Over the years the number of musicians in our line-up has doubled. At one point, we had eight people in the band! Band members came and went, and from 2012-2018 we took a long hiatus. We reunited in the summer of 2018 with five of our six long-time members, and in May 2019 we happily found our new drummer. We are very excited to be back and look forward to a long and successful run!

Becky Bridges – lead vocals, mandolin

Becky is a founding member of the band as well as a songwriter and one of our lead female vocalists. She has been performing with local bands since the 1980’s, and she also plays guitar and mandolin. 

Bill Bridges guitar, vocals

Bill plays rhythm guitar and sings male vocal parts as well as harmonies.  Bill has experience in the theatrical arena as well. Bill’s other passion is cooking, and in real life, Bill (as he says), “Plays the part of a chef,” after retiring from 41 years as a machinist.

Lisa Clarkedrums

Lisa is our newest member and our drummer. She has brought the band to a new level bringing the excitement and rhythm that help give us our unique sound. She has played with numerous bands both in the U.S. and Europe. She also plays banjo and bass.

Suzanne Gerberlead vocals

Suzanne is a wonderful addition to the group, singing lead vocals and the high harmony parts.  Suzanne sings in her church and has appeared in stage performances of A Christmas Carol with the Riverton Players theatrical group. 

Don Kitch – guitar

Don is a founding member of the group, plays guitar. Once in a while you may also see him pull out the harmonica or dobro!  He has written several of our original tunes and does a great deal of the administrative work for the band.

Fred Mertz

Fred is a founding member of the group and plays bass guitar.  He sings male lead on some of our songs, especially those songs which are about trains or are written by a Fred.  Fred has experience as a local radio personality, has performed in several theatrical groups in the area. He also played guitar previously with a local jazz band.